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Call for Papers

Issue #9
December 15, 2020
for a March 15, 2021 publication.


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Volume 1, Issue 8, 2019


Guest Editor, Jamie Murphy, Ph.D., University of Eastern Finland

The Cultural History of a Break: Spring Break in the
Florida Panhandle, 1938-2018

Nuno F. Ribeiro, Royal Melbourne Institute of
Technology University, Vietnam

Daring Domesticity and Dazzling Danger: Florida’s
Leisure Literature for Women and Youths 1890-1920

Cynthia Patterson, University of South Florida

An Investigation of Sustainable Self-Drive Tourism
in Florida

Steffen Zorn, Higher Education Leadership Institute
Jarno Suni, University of Eastern Finland

Dreams and Nightmares: Central Florida and the
Opening of Walt Disney World

Tracy J. Revels, Wofford College

An Archaeological Exploration of Leisure and
Consumption in Early-Twentieth-Century
Florida Tourism

Jason B. Wenzel, Gulf Coast State College

Florida Native
Robin Frydenborg and Russel Frydenborg

Photography Portfolio - Jill Waterman

The Flamingo Lodge: Florida’s Mission 66
Kyle Pierson, St. Petersburg College

An Historical Saltwater Highway: South Florida’s
Cuban Heritage Long Predates Castro Era

Irvin D.S. Winsboro, Florida Gulf Coast University

Walt Disney World as a Teaching Tool: Using Theme
Parks to Explore Historical Themes

Natalie Inman, Cumberland University

Kiplinger Washington Editors’ Bay Tree Lodge:
An Old Florida Dream

Linden Dalecki, Pittsburg State University

Pavanne for Sebastian
Lola Haskins, Poet at Large

Fantasy Land for a Gilded Age:
Henry Bradley Plant’s Tampa Bay Hotel

Lani Friend, Independent Researcher

Film Review: Cultivating the Wild
Leslie K. Poole, Asst. Professor of Environmental Studies, Rollins College



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